Piste Gamez

Piste Gamez is a small and dedicated group of people, who create computer games as their free time hobby. So far we have realeased 5 games: Pekka Kana 1 and 2, Q-Lat 1 and 2, and Beez. Pekka Kana 3 is currently under works.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pekka Kana 3 images

Because of public demand (mostly Ivan), I posted some development screen shots of PK3 to the forum. Many of the screens are quite old and from deleted test levels so they aren't images of the actual game. The game itself is about 5% done and might eventually look completely different.

Piste Gamez @ Assembly 2009 - Q-Lat3

News people! Piste Gamez is going to Assembly 2009 event this year, and we have something new to show! At the beginning of this year I prototyped a new version of Q-Lat with our new editor, and things got a little out of hand... Now after half a year Q-Lat3 is nearly complete, and soon ready for revelation. My first goal was to release it in March to celebrate my 30 full years of existence, but I thought that the game still needed some polish and love at that stage. So now the plan is that we'll contribute the game to the Assembly game development competition. So keep an eye on Assembly's site, since that will be the first place to find it!

Release of Q-Lat3 will also mean the first release of our new engine and a software with working title Piste Player, that you can use to play the games made with our new game editor.

All of this means unfortunately, that PK3 has been on hold for the entire year. The good news is, that while making Q-Lat3 we added a lot of stuff to the editor and engine, that can be used in PK3 too.