Piste Gamez

Piste Gamez is a small and dedicated group of people, who create computer games as their free time hobby. So far we have realeased 5 games: Pekka Kana 1 and 2, Q-Lat 1 and 2, and Beez. Pekka Kana 3 is currently under works.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The New Feathers of Pekka Kana

That's right! The unlikely hero - the rooster with brains size of a peanut - is coming back. Pekka Kana 3 is the latest game project Piste Gamez is working with. The project started in January (2007) and our humble goal is that the game would be finished in 2009 before that year's Assembly event (which is held every year), and the Game Development Competition they have there. We'll see what happens. There is still a long long way to go before the new Pekka will see the sunlight.

This time the PK team has grown from one man project to a team effort. The core team working with the game consists of me doing the graphics and doing the major part of the game design, and Jerome ... uh sorry, XFactor doing all the coding. Outside of Piste Gamez comes composer Mikko Tarmia, who is doing the music for the game. Since this is a big project, we will probably need more help. Especially with writing the story and doing the levels.

So far we have worked quite a lot to improve the visual side of the game, and Jerome a.k.a. "Mr. Born To Code" has done a huge job with the Editor, that will be used to create the game. It's far from ready, but I'm already having tons of fun with it. Unfortunately the actual game is in very early stages, but I expect that to change since we are giving it more focus now.

Images used to decorate this blog were taken from misc. screen shots of some PK3 test levels. They give you a clue of the new visual style of the game, but the actual game graphics will be more brighter than the images you see here, since I had to adjust them quite a bit to make them better background graphics. And as you can see (if you have played PK2), Pekka indeed has new feathers ;)

Hello World!

After thinking about it for a some time, I decided that it was time I'd do a blog for Piste Gamez. Since PK3 is the game we are currently working with, this blog will be mostly about it for now. But if I actually one day come up with something meaningful to say about Piste Gamez, or about games in general, I'll post it here.